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RPRS Management - Low Cost Management Contracts

A Dedicated Team of Professionals

Our management offices are fully staffed by a team of experienced professionals who all understand their sole purpose is to service your needs as well as those of your guests. We all understand that we are entrusted with the management of your home and our objective is to make your life simple and protect the value of your investment. We are proactive in keeping you informed about all aspects of your home including maintenance improvements and guest occupancy.

Accounting Visibility

Your reservation and accounting status is available to you online at any time of the day or night via a personalized login you can access from the internet.

A Regal Palms Only Focus

Unlike almost all other management companies we only manage homes at Regal Palms so our services are dedicated to improving all aspects of Regal Palms property management and not spread out geographically. This allows us to concentrate on improving our response time and service level for the mutual benefit of the home owner and the guest.

No Management Fees

Home owners who appoint RPRS Management as their management company will not be subject to any management fees. This will immediately reduce your monthly costs considerably. Other options are also available.