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RPRS Management - Low Cost Management Contracts

Looking After You and Your Property

We have many home owners that live thousands of miles away and appreciate that not being able to check on things yourself can be frustrating. It's our goal to reach a point where you have the confidence in us such that you do not have to worry even if you never visit the property yourself. We treat every property we manage as though it were our own.

We understand that the value in your home can be affected by they way it is maintained and of course a good guest experience is vital to your income potential. Our housekeeping staff work to specific guidelines and have been trained to report any defects or missing items in your home. We conduct both arrival and departure inspections to ensure everything is as it should be at all times.

24 Hour On-Site Operations

We have a full team of maintenance personnel that are qualified to keep your home in tip top condition. We pay special attention to Air conditioning because this not only affects guest comfort, but your costs, as a regularly maintained system is more efficient and costs less to run. Our regular maintenance includes checks to the compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter and gas to ensure the heat exchanger is up to specification.

Preventative Care

Preventative maintenance is a major aspect of our methodology in caring for your home. We know that regular maintenance is much lower cost than responding to disasters when the repair is more time consuming and expensive. This approach also allows us to maintain the 24hr service at minimal cost because we really are only covering serious emergencies which of course will have a much lower incidence.

Our regular preventative schedules include pest control and termite protection measures to stop insect infestations before they cause serious damage which in Florida's tropical climate is all too likely.

Only the very best is good enough for us.